We are a private holding company investing in sustainable and durable business models. We play the long game.


Our long term vision is to build a group of enduring companies with sustainable business models and various revenue streams.

We are invested in real estate, renewable energy, energy efficiency & circular economy and technology & media. We are industry agnostic and focus on investing for the future. We keep an open mindset and are ready to re-think our assumptions on a regular basis. We invest in public securities as well as private markets. Investments are made through INEO and other affiliated entities.

As entrepreneurs, we approach any investment with an entrepreneurial mindset. As investors, we regard capital allocation as a key element to ensure the long term prosperity of any business. We have skin in the game and we strongly believe every decision maker should.


Thomas, our Managing Partner, shares his thoughts on portfolio companies and investment ideas at irregular intervals in his memos. They range from quick thoughts about a project to deep analyses of businesses. 

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